Emil Boards

Today we came across this little beauty of a product. Since I was young I’ve always been into skating, so when I heard about these new skateboards from these dudes in Berlin, I thought it’d definitely be worth a check out. Love the wood, love the simplicity, and love the square.

 This is what they have to say about themselves –


We are a small band of good friends from Munich, Germany. Inspired by the movie “Back to the Future – One“ we started to build square skateboards in the beginning of 2013. Our boards are made for surfing the sidewalk, combining our skateboarding roots, and our love for surfing. Being totally stoked by riding the first prototype, we knew that this would be in our heads for a couple of time. Having made a lot more prototypes by hand and getting an awesome feedback from friends, friends friends and people on the streets, we decided to get them done by a professional skateboard manufacturer. And here you go, the first Emil is ready to roll.


We designed the boards as pure as possible. Square shape, no convex, no concarve, no concave, no rocker, no camber, and of course no batteries. Emil is a board with wheels, not more, but by no means less! We tackle the path back to basics, referring to the first days of skateboarding history, always keeping in mind to not just produce a slick, but even well performing product. Made of layered maple wood and fixed to modern trucks and wheels, our decks are back to the future! With Emil you can enjoy a relaxed ride through town or have a kick-ass surf on the sidewalk.

Surf square!

Munich, April 2014

Pierre Greenway